Are oils used in the beauty industry a fad?

correct usage of oils

New emerging trends topple old cosmetic hacks very often. It is not very uncommon that new age chemical infused beauty industry discards age-old remedies of hair and skincare as fads.

However, upon close inspection, one can find out that old is still gold. This blog will deal with one category of such a controversial product line that has been facing severe criticism at the hands of the unsupervised beauty industry.  We are talking about none other than essential oils and carrier oils..

Essential oils & carrier oils are known to have healing, soothing, calming, nourishing and therapeutic properties. This is the reason why through the course of history various natural oils have been serving as beauty products. They also serve as baby care products and as a serious treatment to long term health hazards.

Here are a few references to international studies proving the benefits of essential oils and carrier oils:

Wound healing properties of jojoba
A comparative study of tea-tree oil versus benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of acne

What is an essential oil?

They are basically the extracted essence of plants. Different methods like distillation, maceration, solvent extraction and cold pressing in case of citrus fruits provide the essence of different plants.

Essential Oil

When blended with carrier oils, essential oils can address various health and beauty issues that we face. Carrier oils can be applied directly to skin and hair.

We will now boil down to the main points and analyze how the essential oil is actually a valid ingredient for beauty solutions. It is not a fad. We just need to know its proper usage.

Popular applications of carrier oils and essential oils in beauty industry.

  • Essential oil and Carrier oils are natural substances but they must be studied under clinical light in order to bring out their benefit. For instance, the effect of lavender essential oil is not limited to only aromatherapy. It can act as an anti-inflammatory agent when mixed with other oils. Similarly, every essential oil has its own properties. Little knowledge about them may lead to improper-usage and hence lead to a ‘fad status’.
  • People who want to use oils as a part of their beauty regime or health care but doubt its efficacy must undertake serious study in the subject. The internet abounds with peer-reviewed journals and research paper conducted by scientists. This will clear the myths surrounding these humble natural extracts.
  • History has enough evidence that essential oils and carrier are not just ‘show-oils’. They have healing properties. Ancient Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese have recorded abundant usage of essential oils and carrier oils in their natural remedies. If the ancient people used them, it must have had validity.
  • Various scientific researches have proven the use of naturally extracted essential oils and carrier oils. Tea tree oil finds use in many beauty products. It can cure even the strongest outburst of pimples. The trick here is to know the proper usage of each oil.
  • Each essential oil has more than one health and beauty benefits. For instance, if you buy a bottle of moringa essential oil, you can use it as a moisturizer for skin & smoothen and shine your hair. It helps you get rid of sun tan, makeup remover, anti-inflammatory lotion, cuticle conditioning and much more. The deal is to know the exact usage and a versatile bottle of this carrier oil will solve many a purpose. That is why we strongly support the #buylessdomore culture with natural oils for beauty industry. (Read more: Benefits of Moringa Oil for skin)
  • Essential oil can cure problems with hidden symptoms. For instance, inhaling lavender oil is proven to have induced better sleep among women. The effect of essential oil is long term and you will not have to depend on artificial drugs only.

Thus, before condemning essential oils and carriers as a fad in personal care and beauty applications, we must go through its proven benefits. You can always consult a qualified professional before using it for curing difficult illness. For the rest, you can try the home remedies with natural oils without thinking about it.

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