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The Remarkable Health Benefits of Almond Oil for Beautiful Skin and Flawless Hair

sweet almond oil for hair and skin

Almonds are one of the most nutrient-rich nuts. Even the oil extracted from almonds is incredibly nutritious and useful. It is a common ingredient in many medicinal and cosmetic products. Almond oil comes packed with vitamin E, which offers antioxidant benefits. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids to help you with heart as well. There […]

Are oils used in the beauty industry a fad?

correct usage of oils

New emerging trends topple old cosmetic hacks very often. It is not very uncommon that new age chemical infused beauty industry discards age-old remedies of hair and skincare as fads. However, upon close inspection, one can find out that old is still gold. This blog will deal with one category of such a controversial product […]

Benefits of Moringa Oil for skin- The New-Era Beauty Elixir

moringa seed oil

Moringa oil has awed the beauty enthusiasts with its miraculous powers as the wonder oil is immensely beneficial to skin, hair and more. The Moringa plant is abundantly available in the Asian countries and also in the African and South American nations. People often eat drumsticks from the Moringa tree as a vegetable. The seeds […]