Are oils used in the beauty industry a fad?

correct usage of oils

Many times old cosmetic hacks have been toppled by new emerging trends. Nowadays many a time it happens that age-old remedies of hair-care and skin-care are pushed away as useless by the new-age chemical infused beauty industry. However, upon close inspection, one can find out that old is still gold. This blog will deal with […]

Benefits of Moringa Oil for skin- The New-Era Beauty Elixir


Moringa oil has awed the beauty enthusiasts with its miraculous powers as the wonder oil is immensely beneficial to skin, hair and more. The Moringa plant is abundantly available in the Asian countries and also in the African and South American nations. People often eat drumsticks from the Moringa tree as a vegetable. The seeds […]

How to take care of your skin and hair this Holi.

happy holi

You know it’s spring when the sun shines bright yet the breeze is cool. As the spirit of summer awaits at our doorstep, Holi brings back the happiness of colours and water into our lives. Among many other things, skincare and haircare must be taken very very seriously during this festival of colours. Although nowadays […]