We believe in speaking for what is right and challenging the status quo to create a world where clean is the basic,without any toxicity or human greed.

The Inspiration

Back in the days of Biotech school we were both fascinated as well as obsessed with ingredients. We would observe even the minutest change in quantity and also the presence or absence of an ingredient in our experiments. The same habit followed us in our lives even after we graduated and what we had never done before actually became an obsession – reading and investigating each product label before using them. We were in utter shock of how we were being exposed to some of the most toxic ingredients and being duped into buying things that were simply fillers and of no use.


Keep taking shit 

or speak for clean 

For, its only when one speaks

one can listen to the inner voice ; loud and clear.

Throw away the tinted glasses and stand for green.

Fight the toxic truth, to breathe life into life again, 

Being comfortably numbs easy, it takes guts to clean up your act.


Speak for clean 



The Mantra

It’s high time for us to go back to basics, keeping things simple, clean and honest. ‘Clean is the new basic’ is our mantra and it represents our movement against the toxic ingredients and pollutants used in consumer goods. It represents our promise to declutter the herbs in our products from the mess of chemical preservatives, fillers, plastics and human greed. It is our promise to make them free from the evil of ultra-processing and bring them to the good of minimalism. We are strongly speaking for safe, clean and effective products and together with our consumers are creating a revolution in building a world where clean is the new basic.

The Vision

To live in a world where clean is the basic, without any trace of toxicity and human greed. This is the future we envision for our children. It is a world where health and beauty do not come along with toxic ingredients. A world built on the ethos of purity, transparency, and responsibility. It is a world where human conscience is important, not greed. It is a world where health need not be a burden but should come as naturally as breathing. It is a world where beauty is not limited to a colour, race or economic status but a pride owned by everyone. We are on our toes to make this a reality. Each one of us at Speaking Herbs is committed to this vision, and we want you to come along with us in this journey because we know, deep down your hearts, this is where you want your future generations to live.

Each and every product we make is a reflection of this future and with every product you use, we get a step closer to this envisioned world.