Do you believe in clean and non-toxic beauty as much as we do?
If yes, then join us in our jouney of empowering consumers to embrace pure and potent plant based products. Speaking Herbs is all about blending and mixing mono herbal ingredients to come up with personalised potions. If you have the zeal to try and learn to make your own products, get in touch with us.
Let us collaborate and reach out to as many people as we can and present to them the joy of blending.

Partner for sales

Do you or any of your friend own a sustainable or green cafe?
Or a sustainable fashion store? Let us partner and promote clean and non toxic beauty and personal care as well. Speaking Herbs is pretty new and small. If you think you can share a little corner, let’s work an arrangement that would be a plus for both of us and spread the idea of a clean and sustainable lifestyle together. To get in touch call or drop a ping at 9717862767 or mail at [email protected]