The Hack of Living

do you have the life hack ?

“You are you and 99% of what you choose to be with”

Isn’t it amazing how we’re driven to do things we’re meant to do, be in places we’re meant to be and put ourselves with companies we’re meant to be with, in the name of luck, faith, destiny, hard work or perhaps just mere intuition?

At times, we’re also put down by burden and liabilities in the name of fear, fright, jealousy, insecurity or maybe just a negative vibe. But is it really destiny or is it us challenging the destiny to drop down to a cursed fate? Who knows whose rules of the universe are superior and whose take a back seat in the preview of neutrality. After all we are what we choose to be or in the minimal sense what we’re meant to be. Some call it fate while some tag it as the ‘law of  karma’. So how do they differ? Is it that good results are called fortune and the bad ones are labelled as karma? Does it favour the rich and pay a deaf ear to the poor? Do you really have to be a believer to believe in the return and reverse policy? And lastly, is it for real or just a state of utopia?

The word is ACTION. Yes actions, because we act. We act, sometimes in accordance to who we are and sometimes to who we pretend to be. Also sometimes we act without knowing why we are doing the things we do, maybe because of the situations, emotions, psychology, psychosis or it could be even for the worst of impulses. But the bottom line is we act, we do!

Now does that bring us down to where we started? We are what we are is convenient, but we are also what we choose to be. We choose through our actions, our actions driven by our thoughts and thoughts by our experiences and intuitions. And all of them eventually framed by the aura and environment we surround ourselves with, be it physical, mental or spiritual. We can not expect to harvest crops just by sitting at home because the fortune teller predicted that the following year would bring good luck and glory to the household. We need to act, act with respect to what we have and also what we want. And for that we need a concrete plan. A road map which will eventually be the manifestation of our skills and capabilities and not of some two minutes’ do’s and don’ts video streaming on youtube.

Like famously said, “we should not judge a fish by its capacity to climb a tree”, we should not try to build castles with someone else’s resources for we know our limits and at the same time our expands and if we don’t, maybe we’ve never known ourselves. Or perhaps we were too complacent to take that extra mile to discover ourselves and finding out those bitter drawbacks about our own self. It is a lot of work to do, to work on our flaws and correct them and the thought is not comforting.

It only suits you if it complements you”

The world today is a global village where on one hand we have thousands of mediums and reasons to grow, and on the other hand we have a thousand others to tame our growth with the bleak thoughts of an external shadow that is completely unrelated to us apart from the one or two plastic (or mostly plastic) features we admire, to keep us going with this day and age. Hence it becomes very important to devise our own regime of personal care and development for all of our journeys are  different from that of another’s. Our set of norms and values that gives birth to our individual personalities should reflect upon who we want to portray ourselves as in front of the world, which is in today’s world is also called being unique. Our uniqueness should be the tale of our own experiences and interpretation of life where we are allowed to follow the goodness of whoever or whatever we find is attractive but not imitate them blindly because you think it only suits you if it complements you.

“The darkness we’ve domesticated within ourselves seem so intense that we refuse to acknowledge the sparkling brightness coming from anywhere outside that tightly knight self bricked zone.’’

What is the hack of a better life?

Positivity is the key. When we are positive, we are also grateful and we manifest the good. But does it work? Will positive vibes just walk up to us? Do we need to do something extraordinarily out of the box to grab positivity or a ‘Sadhguru’ video once daily is the dose? Or anything and everything beyond the cactus thought culture we’re holding on is positivity?

For that let’s just quash the century old theory of half filled-empty glass and come down to more common encounter?

How often have you failed in life? How often have you cursed your fate and how often have you failed and got up to put yourself together because you believed you yet needed to work harder to get there?

I failed, I failed immensely and miserably in and out of life until I realised how to tickle my own thought process. If not the world, I could definitely change my own life for heaven’s sake. And one fine 2 a.m I questioned myself, about overestimating myself and the incessant need to overachieve. And fairly enough it changed my life. It was no more falling from the bicycle for the urge of learning, it was only getting down from it. It was no more crying over spilt milk but mopping it away to walk afresh. It was no more questioning “why me?” but accepting the fact that other people worked harder and were smart enough to execute their plans in a better way than what I did. It was all discovering, exploring and rediscovering the horizons I never looked into in the fear of being proved inferior to others which my subconscious had already been preoccupied with. Lately, I realised that life is truly not a bed of roses nor is it a complaint box hung outside the principal’s office. It is a midway, a balance we need to create to keep going, withstanding all the harshness and brutalities because they are the part and parcel of life and there is no escape. The only way out is dealing with it and not running away from it to procrastinate, facing heaps of similar bundles of evil luxuries eventually at once. This would again weigh the heads with all the possible loads of stress, causing negative thoughts, anxiety, sense of failure and finally the mental doom.

So why get into such complexities when we can brighten up all at once just by changing our outlook in life.We’ve taken to generalise our lives so much over the years in the name of cosmopolitanism that we’ve forgotten to appreciate our own individualities but haven’t neglected crawling for others’ validation in the name of Like,Share and Subscribe. Life today is much more than hitting the Like button and much less than contouring the double chin to get that perfect jawline. It is about celebration, rejoicement, embracement; love, hope, belief.

I’m sure each one of us have encountered these upheavals and emotional breakdowns in life but we’ve already found the key. Staying positive and replacing critical judgements with constructive criticism of the self can lead us to much better spaces in life than we’d ever plan on with our low key insecurities. Cheers!

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