The implications of scrapping Article 370 and 35 (A)


What does the revocation of Article 370 simply mean?

With the scrapping of Article 370 and its allied Article 35 (A), the nation is fuelled with huge units of opinion and debates beating around its sanctity. The violence and harshness caused by its paradoxy is more than half a century old now. The nation and its diaspora has observed and experienced much beyond what is covered by the national and international media. Our imagination can not match the level of those resenting over its revocation or even the ones’ cheering over the victory of Nationalism over Separatism. But is the cry really worth the while? 

Well, the success of this overnight surprise is a test of time for now. But hoping and praying for the best is always the easiest option we can opt for. And an ex state like Jammu and Kashmir never has to bother about its confidence for it is a paradise of unrivaled worth of resources, though limited. Now after the bifurcation, Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh will be the largest and second largest union territories respectively with impeccable scope of harvesting its resources and climb up the ladder of growth and development. Unlike before, laws and policies in all sectors will be implemented equally in these parts of the country as well.

How will it help?

Since everyone around is talking more about the political implications and counter effects, let us not get into analysing it. Let us try and take a glimpse of the arenas that needs attention and care to flourish and would no more be a reason of agitation for a lot –

  • COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY – Not much part of the state is industrialised due to its uneven terrain and lack of local resources for the purpose. Only the regions of Jammu, Kathua, and Udhampur were the industrial hubs. Due to improper provisions of insourcing and outsourcing, the state has also not been able to develop logistic hubs. Now with the provisions being changed, the blocked holes could open for investments and the resultant growth.
  • LIVELIHOOD AND LIFESTYLE – With the opening up of commerce and industry, generation of employment comes handy. Both skilled and unskilled labour would be able to have a decent livelihood. And it would raise the common standards of living in the region.
  • TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY – The tourism and hospitality industry would flourish in the absence of state regulated constraints and the presence of centrally deployed security forces reducing life and panic risks of the travellers. As a result the natural resources would be put to proper use. The holy shrines of Jammu and the Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh would be visited by devotees from far and wide, regulating revenue and causing further development through it.
  • THE HANDICRAFT AND ORGANIC INDUSTRY – By dint of its wealthy nature J&K has always been a hub of organic productions ranging from fruits and horticulture, cold water fisheries to its mesmerising sericulture and the most popular pashmina shawl. This liberation has brought with it greater scopes of production and promotion of its indigenous goods.
  • CULTURE – With the welcome of settlements of people from across the nation, the region is envisaged to bring a change in the rich but monotonous culture of the region and bring about changes causing assimilation and harmony among the diverse traditions and cultures.
  • START-UPS – With the change in policies the region will be flooded with startups in view of its ‘to bud’ tourism, food industry, fashion textiles, etc. It will also fill in the native youth with enthusiasm of investment and development, bringing in fulfilling commerce and service.


  • MUTUAL RESPECT among everyone irrespective of what background one comes from.
  • SPREADING LOVE AND CUTTING DOWN ON HATE is the utmost important need of the hour in the valley.
  • ENCOURAGING LOCAL ORGANIC HARVEST in place of imported ‘easy to avail’ synthetic ones.
  • EDUCATING PEOPLE AND SPREADING AWARENESS about the good things to come.
  • REDUCTION IN THE USE OF PLASTIC, to preserve the blessed nature of the region in the wake of its rebirth.


What range of changes the action will bring about is yet a matter of mystery but the most we can contribute as citizens is to be aware of the goodness it can bring about by accepting and embracing all the possibilities and harness the immediate tension ridden times with love, respect and good vibes for everyone. What fate it will offer is yet in the hands of the guardians of the land but all we can hope for is, a great future with even greater scopes and opportunities for the people of the valleys. We should try to keep up the name of the land by its rich poetry and handicrafts as is known for and let time decide whether the scrapping of Article 370 and 35 (A) proves to be a boon or a bane.

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